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Web application development, offering several crucial benefits to enterprise and small businesses, the reality is that every business in the world constantly seeks new ways to reach unforeseen heights. Web development is a powerful and preferred process of taking business to the next level.
Trident Spark Concepts as the web development company promises to offer you top-notch web development services. We are specialized in rendering flexible and excellent quality web applications. Our professional developers have significant expertise in implementing advanced technologies to develop promising web solutions. We have developed numerous projects successfully and have delivered secure.
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We worked All Services
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Don’t struggle with your business to-dos all alone. Tap our website developers’ expertise to either update your existing solution or obtain a brand-new client engagement app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We generally prefer to sign NDA with our different clients that have a predefined business model and that model is like a root or core body of their entire business. We understand the security of their business and also the presence of their business in the world so we always respect the privacy of all of our clients.

Absolutely. Different kinds of services where you can hire junior level developers, senior level developers and expert level developers from us in all the different Technologies mentioned. You can also hire a project manager from us and if you want to manage a developer directly based on your daily needs we have that kind of model with us.

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We can collaborate in terms of whether it is open source or a private code. We generally collaborate with many different agencies on either one project or many different projects. We understand that flowers have different colours. That’s the way a product can have a different agency which can collaborate on a single aim. We know how to work in a team and we are best at that.

We have been in the industry for more than 10 years.  We have a huge amount of experience and skilled developers and marketing professionals and created leads. We are working  in all the different  development services. You can check our basics.

It generally depends upon the requirement. Ideally we follow approach where we first understand your requirements and the targeting market, targeting audience and the business model based on that we suggest a document in the document we describe what we should do and based on the expertise which we carry with us and experience you have in your business model. We will create a roadmap on the basis of the roadmap we should be able to plan a cost.

We are dealing with the number of the latest Technologies in web development. We are dealing in MEAN Stack, LAMP stake, Fire base and all the latest technologies. You can check above

We have experting in multiple technologies but we first understand the idea and the model of business, based on that our technical team propose a solution that fits with your requirement. Not all the different products need the same Technology, it depends upon product to product and Idea to Idea. We find the best matching technology which can scale when your business starts scaling.

Generally we can find out the TCO in the very first week of the kickoff call, where we understand the requirement, the number of audience you are trying to target and the Technologies that you are looking to execute. First we  plan the resources like the engineers and the managing team, the infrastructure like server, database and the running cost, based on that we should be able to review the TCO in the first week of the kickoff call.

Yes. We generally prefer to start working with our clients  on their GitHub/ bucket/ core versioning tools  where we regularly commit our code with the proper standard so anyone in the team should be able to execute, check and verify the code. You will always have the copyright of your code.

We basically love to support what we build. We think that maintenance is the heart of development so we build a product that needs less maintenance even a product that starts with 6or 7 developers, once it’s live it can be managed by 1or2 developers depending upon the needs and the project. We have a very flexible maintenance policy if you only want us to build a product for you then we will. Once we deliver the work then it totally depends on you whether you want us to continue on the maintenance of the project or  you want us only to build and deploy for you.

As every flower has a different colour and different fragrance in the same way every project has different technologies. For example if you are looking for a landing page there you can customize yourself and can change the content of the landing page then we prefer to go with WordPress or blogging on different online login platforms. If you are looking for a building Ecommerce application with thousands of products order management , inventory management then we generally prefer to go with magento, drupal, u commerce and wordpress depending upon the planning we have with you. If you are looking to build a face application which basically helps different  businesses or makes your own business to grow more then we prefer to go with either mean stake or lame stake. Another example is if you are looking to build a mobile app  that starts chatting or video calls then we have a different platform like XMPP, fire bag, and other different protocols which we implement and build a nice application. So it totally depends upon what idea you carry, how much targeting the audience you have.

Yes. We generally follow the latest version of the frameworks which have different components of a software which we managed with a standard so if we are working on PHP we generally work with Codeigniter , Laravel,Yii and if we are working on node generally prefer to go with express nodejs, if we are working with python prefer to go with django and rest for the other technologies.

We have a. Where we use the online build tools or to find out if the build website or to build the landing pages use SEO friendly If it is not SEO friendly then we generally follow standard to make your website and landing pages SEO friendly. We also have a team of SEO experts who can openize and evaluate your SEO and can improve it.

Yes. We have a dedicated team of experts who are dealing in digital marketing in day to day life. We generally provide digital marketing for Edtech, healthcare, celebrities and transportation.

Yes. We are providing resources and we are flexible in this. So if you are looking for a project manager with one tech lead and a bunch of junior and senior engineers we should be able to help you out. And if you are looking for a project manager only, then we will figure it out.

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We generally follow direct line communication where from your side we are expecting one or two people to be the point  of contact in the same way from our side the account manager and the project manager will be the point of contact for communication. It sometimes depends on you to whom you want to communicate otherwise the point of communication will be account manager for all the account related things and project manager for all the project related things.

Yes. We are using a project management tools and we are friendly with jira And many different platforms. So our developers regularly update the code on github and the same project task status on jira where we automate the process so you can receive the daily status at the end of each day.